TRAWACA - Cakra Project - Printed Javanese OCR

Cakra Project - Printed Javanese OCR

Created by Trawaca Research Team - Fakultas Teknologi Informasi, Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana Yogyakarta

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Engine version:
1.0.0 - 24.05.2019 by Aditya W. Mahastama and Lucia D. Krisnawati
2.0.0 - 29.03.2020 by Lucia D. Krisnawati and Aditya W. Mahastama
Page version:
9.2.1 - 25.02.2021

Created by

Aditya W Mahastama | Business Process, Architecture and Code
Lucia D Krisnawati | Business Process, Arcitecture and Code
Komunitas Wikipedia Jawa | Annotation and Evaluation


The Cakra Project is funded by Wikimedia Indonesia for Wikisource and thus adhere to CC BY license.
An API for Cakra OCR is currently being developed. For more information please contact us through e-mail.


[1]Javanese font Tuladha Jejeg by R.S. Wihananto can be downloaded here.
[2]Manuscript image samples (click to download and use as input):