Research Publications

2020 1
Optical Character Recognition for Printed Javanese Script using Projection Profile Segmentation and Nearest Centroid Classifier
Aditya W Mahastama, Lucia D Krisnawati

2020 Asia Conference on Computers and Communications (ACCC 2020)

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2019 5
O uso da Wikipedia como fonte de suporte para pesquisas em idiomas com recursos digitais insuficientes
Lucia D Krisnawati, Aditya W Mahastama

PRISMA.COM Journal, Issue 40, December 2019, pp.34-44, ISSN: 1646-3153

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Building Classifier Models for on-off Javanese Character Recognition
Lucia D Krisnawati, Aditya W Mahastama

21st International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS2019), Muenchen, Germany

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Improving Projection Profile for Segmenting Characters from Javanese Manuscripts
Aditya W Mahastama, Lucia D Krisnawati

2019 International Conference on Intermedia Arts and Creative Technology (CREATIVEARTS), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Scenario of Wikipedia Usage as a Supporting Source for Under-Resource Language Researches
Lucia D Krisnawati, Aditya W Mahastama

IWSC 2019: International Wiki Scientific Conference, Porto, Portugal

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Sistem Identifikasi Bahasa Jawa dan Bahasa Indonesia Dokumen Teks Berbasis N-Gram Karakter
Fidelia V Sentosa, Lucia D Krisnawati, Aditya W Mahastama

Jurnal Linguistik Komputasional (JLK) Vol. 2 No. 1, Maret 2019, ISSN: 2621-9336

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2018 1
A Javanese Syllabifier based on Its Orthographic System
Lucia D Krisnawati, Aditya W Mahastama

2018 International Conference on Asian Language Processing (IALP)

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2017 1
Histogram peak ratio-based binarization for historical document image
Aditya W Mahastama, Lucia D Krisnawati

2017 International Conference on Smart Cities, Automation & Intelligent Computing Systems (ICON-SONICS)

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Researchers' Profile

Dr. phil. Lucia D. Krisnawati, S.S, M.A
Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning
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Aditya Wikan Mahastama, S.Kom, MCS
Digital Image Processing, Optical Character Recognition
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